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  1. peter102606

    Nike Zoom Crusader 新的配色和物料

    回覆: Nike Zoom Crusader 新的配色和物料 那個六角形的是室外專用標誌吧,想必這新物料的crusader會更堅韌耐用更適合打室外場囉!
  2. peter102606

    [StanQ] 平民 戶外鞋款

    回覆: [StanQ] 平民 戶外鞋款 剛剛看了一下eastbay的介紹 "Below the foot lies an injected Phylon™ midsole that houses a full-length Air® sole unit for maximum cushioning." 看來應該是全掌air sole囉~ http://www.eastbay.com/product/model:197014/sku:80590002/jordan-bmo-mens/grey/black/?cm=jordanshoes_search_redesign
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