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新聞分享 /「無論你的性向」Under Armour HOVR Sonic ‘Pride’ 視每一位運動員為平等

無論你的性向、外表、來自哪裡或是從事什麼運動,我們都支持所有運動員沒有一個例外。Under Armour 以此介紹他們最新的 Pride 運動裝備系列,致力於 LGBT(Lesbian 女同性戀者、Gay 男同性戀者、Bisexual 雙性戀者、Transgender 跨性別者)不同族群的人權,以標語 United We Win 和彩虹元素注入服裝與鞋款中,鞋款上挑選 HOVR Sonic 為鞋型,一抹六彩色簡單明瞭傳達訊息,針織鞋面下也透出漸層色彩的內襯,Under Armour HOVR Sonic ‘Pride’ 定價 110 美金,目前可在美國 Under Armour 官網購得,包含男、女兩尺寸。

Under Armour ‘Pride’ 系列也與非營利組織 Athlete Ally 合作,提倡每個人應擁有平等機會來享受運動,進而教育恐同族群正確觀念,無論日常生活中或運動領域,而 ‘Pride’ 系列收入也將捐贈幫助實踐此理想。此外 Under Armour 更邀請前體操運動員 Josh Dixon,以公開的同性戀運動員身份分享經歷,「當隱藏我真實身份這負擔被破除時,我感覺在運動之路變成一個輕鬆且更快樂的航道。」Josh Dixon 如是說,想知道更多 Josh Dixon 故事,不妨看看最近他在 Instagram 上的貼文。

Excited to launch @underarmour ‘s inaugural #Pride collection. This is huge step for a global sports apparel brand and very inspiring to see UA and @athleteally utilize their platforms for #LGBT inclusion, awareness, and positive change. Both have been great partners in and out of the competitive arena. “When the burden of hiding who I was had been lifted, my navigation in the world of sports became a much lighter and happier place. I accepted the work, the challenges, the ebbs and flows that every athlete faces with a confidence and ownership within that I had never known. It was then that I realized that if fans, fellow athletes, youth, etc. didn’t see high achieving athletes who were celebrated for their accomplishments and their own authenticity, then the wide world of sports couldn’t fully have the cohesive, impactful presence in people’s lives that I know it can.” – Josh Dixon UA advocates for equality, inclusion and opportunity for all athletes. UA has partnered with Athlete Ally, a nonprofit dedicated to eliminating homophobia and transphobia in sports. The UA Pride Collection supports Athlete Ally’s efforts to create curriculum designed to foster an inclusive and empowering environment for all athletes. #WEWILL 📸: @mylesloftin

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