Kyrie Irving 親自開箱 預告新戰靴到來 / Nike Kyrie 4 ‘Confetti’ 即將登場

Kyrie Irving 稍早凌晨時分透過個人網路平台發佈了以下這段影片,想當然開箱的主角就是大家期盼許久的 Nike Kyrie 4 本尊,帶來了日前曾曝光的 ‘Confetti’ 版本,Irving 也提到過去一年來陪伴他征戰的 Kyrie 3 即將邁入尾聲,緊接在後的 Kyrie 4 對他而言是一個全新篇章的開始,相信接下來我們應該也能看見 Celtics 主題配色登場,讓人相當期待。

Closing the chapter on the Kyrie 3, and starting a new with the Kyrie 4. And I sit here and realize that although there is constant division and misunderstandings of actions and emotions going on daily(every moment), OUR world is far greater when we collectively realize that the true power and unwavering belief in ourselves is far more powerful than anyone else's belief. Culture that power, learn it, understand it, and teach others through your actions: creating, educating yourself, being who you are truthfully, respecting others individual intent and journeys, Whatever that individual purpose is, fulfill it soulfully without letting anything knock you down or deter you. We all need it. We all need US as ONE, filled with incredible individuality without judgement. It's about love and teaching, and ultimately showing respect without wondering whether or not it'll be given back because you always show gratitude regardless. I always give that to everything I do and I only hope we all do the same. All Love, the new chapter begins. #Kyrie4

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Nike Kyrie 4 ‘Confetti’ 的配色名稱中文為彩色紙屑,這也就不難理解為何鞋款會如此鮮豔繽紛,鞋身上寫有 “WE’LL BE READY TO BATTLE” 等字句,不難感受到他想要再嚐冠軍滋味的渴望。據悉此配色美國及中國地區將在 12 月 16 日發售,型號:943806-900,訂價 120 美元,臺灣若有進一步的販售資訊我們也會盡快整理並分享給各位。

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