adidas Originals - Campus Vintage Lux

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    release date : 2008.6
    brand : adidas Originals
    style : Rod Laver Vintage (Vintage Lux)
    S/N : 919748
    price : ntd5450 (approx usd180 eur115)
    release date : 2008.6.6
    retailer : Ostore / Dmop/ 台中六本木 / 中壢全舜行
    contact : (02)25095900

    與之前介紹的 Rod Laver(link) 同屬adidas Originals Vintage Lux系列的Campus款式, 源自adidas經典款式的萬年不敗造型, 鞋面由反皮與亮皮交織而成, 再加上柔軟舒適的皮革內襯與鞋墊, adidas Vintage Lux系列巧妙結合"Vintage"與"Lux"兩項元素, 以高級皮革包常使用的編織技法搭配經典Look, 將Originals系列推向街頭結合Hi End流行元素的一端.

    Another faultless classic model from adidas Originals, Campus gets flavored with both vintage and luxury treatments. Following previous declared Rod Laver Vintage Lux model(link) ,the Campus Vinage Lux gets smooth leather details such as insole and collar, too. Furthermore, the woven upper composited by suede and patent leather left the shoe another boost. It is slated to be released in Taipei on this weekend(2008.6.6)